Missio scholarship for BTh students

By , November 1, 2006

Missio Aachen Guidelines for Basic Studies
BA, Diploma and other Degrees or Course Programmes

Missio grants scholarships to students from Africa, Asia and Oceania for basic studies which have a special focus on missionary and pastoral matters. The number of scholarships is determined by the financial possibilities of Missio. The financial means are allocated according to the urgency of needs and to the ideal of a fair distribution. In each case local contribution should be as high as possible. Missio does not co-finance scholarships with other donor agencies.

I. Conditions for granting a scholarship

    • Applications have to reach Missio at least three months before a student takes up his/her studies.
    • A scholarship is granted for B.A., diploma and other degrees in theology, philosophy and other subjects (such as psychology, law, administration sciences) which are of relevance for the apostolate of the local church. Missio gives preference to studies done in the home country or region of the student. Scholarships for basic studies or courses in Europe or America are only granted if adequate studies are not available in the student’s home country or continent.
    • The necessity to follow a course of studies and, if need be, to take a degree must be clearly explained. The course of studies should enable a student to fulfil his/her future task and responsibility within the pastoral and missionary apostolate of the local church.
    • Qualifications required by the college/university/institute as a precondition for the admission to a certain course have to be acquired before applying for a scholarship. Only in special cases will Missio consider financing language courses for studies abroad.
    • Travelling expenses to and from the place of studies are not financed by Missio. When applying for the scholarship the student has to prove that the travelling expenses are covered by someone else.
    • If the student sets out on a journey to a place of studies before having been informed of Missio positive decision a scholarship will not be allocated.

      II. Amount of grant and duration of a scholarship

        • The scholarship will be determined according to the study fees at the college/university/institute, to adequate living costs and to other expenses (e.g. books). Usually, only partial scholarships will be granted.
        • The duration of a scholarship corresponds to that of a course of studies etc. (absolute maximum four years!).
        • Missio reserves the right to withdraw its support of a scholarship if the contract, laid down in Missio “Conditions of Payment and Request for Payment”, is violated by the partner.
        • Missio is to be informed by the student about any income during the period of studies.

          III. Particulars of the application

          The application has to provide the following information and documents respectively:

          • Name and address of the student
          • Diocese/congregation/institute
          • Date of birth
          • Priest/Religious/Lay (single/married)
          • Short curriculum vitae (including pastoral experience)
          • Qualifications
            • Academic
            • Professional
          • Place of intended studies
            • College/university/institute (including address)
            • Explanation why this college/university/institute has been chosen
          • Intended subject/s of studies
          • Degree to be taken
          • Period of studies (day, month, year): from____ to____
          • Estimate of costs in tabular form
          • Financing plan in tabular form
            • Local contribution
            • Missio
          • Certificates
            • Recommendation of the responsible Ordinary including:
              • explanation why the student has been chosen (reasons for studies)
              • explanation why the intended studies are necessary for the future engagement of the student in the diocese/congregation/institute
              • guarantee that travel expenses to and from the place of studies will be covered by the diocese/congregation, etc.
            • Letter of acceptance from the college/university/institute including:
              • information that the student is fully qualified for intended studies (knowledge of required languages, etc.)
              • duration of studies (from____ to____) to take the intended degree
              • detailed information on fees and other expenses for studies

            Missing information can be a reason for Missio to negatively decide on an application for a scholarship.

            IV. Commitment of the student

              • Upon arrival at the place of studies the student is requested to forward his/her address to Missio.
              • At the end of a course/study year the student has to send a narrative and financial report to Missio including evidence that the foreseen course/s and examination/s have been passed. If the duration of studies is exceeding one year the aforesaid is prerequisite for Missio to release the next instalment.
              • On completion of studies a copy of the certificate of the degree acquired has to be submitted to Missio together with a final narrative and financial report.


                  • Some institutes receive a lump sum annually for a certain number of students from Missio. Applications for scholarships consequently have to be submitted to these institutes.
                  • Only in case of a positive decision will these “Conditions of Payment and Request for Payment” be forwarded to the respective Ordinary.

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