Palestine-Israel Conflict: Theological Perspectives

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By , August 13, 2014

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A team of three theologians from the Middle-East, Dr.Michel Nseir (Head of Middle East Focus, World Council of Churches, Geneva), Dr. Daniel Ayuch (Professor of Old Testament in Lebenon), and Dr. Munther Isaac (Professor of Biblical Studies, Bethlehem Bible College, Palestine), visited the college on the 13th August and addressed the students and the staff. The content of their exposition was the situation in the Middle-East and how they theologize in their own context.

They made us aware of the situation in Palestine now, especially about the position of the Christians. They presented their struggles as Palestinian Christians in the midst of all that has been going on in the Middle-East. Their address was an eye-opener for many who thought that the Palestinian  Government is against Christians and does not give them their due right.

In search of a solution to the present situation, they envisage a society where the Palestinians and Jews share the land and live in solidarity, brotherhood and mutual acceptance of each other. Only this can bring peace in the land.


- Manojin Basil.

IInd  Year, B.Th.